Concerto for Piccolo Clarinet and Chamber Orchestra by William Neil (2017)

- World Premiere -

Clarinetist Fàtima Boix Cantó proved last week that she is already a master of her instrument, playing to exquisite perfection the several gorgeous solos in Rachmaninoff ’s Second Symphony. Freelancing already with major orchestras in Finland, where the Spanish born musician now resides, Cantó clearly has a huge career ahead. Her vehicle as a Concerto Competition winner was the world premiere of versatile contemporary composer William Neil’s Concerto for Piccolo Clarinet and Chamber Orchestra. {...} Opening with a shocking clap of percussion and spooky high-register clarinet incantations, the piece quickly became denser and busier, with interesting effects and a wide color spectrum for the smaller Eb clarinet that was surprising as well as comprehensive. Angst, the guest of honor at Neil’s musical table, Cantó obliged with fervid passagework executed with virtuoso panache.

Daniel Kepl

VOICE Magazine

William Neil’s Concerto for Piccolo Clarinet, originally composed in 1978 as a small chamber piece, made its way into the program at the hands of clarinet fellow Fàtima Boix Cantó, who reached out to Neil, asking for an arrangement for orchestra. Boix Canto brought the underdog piccolo into the spotlight in a snake-charmer-esque performance full of ornamented technical intricacies and elements of jazz, performing with the stage presence of a professional soloist. 

Gabriel Tanguay

Santa Barbara Independent

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